Digital sublimation printing for The Holidays

Digital sublimation printing for The Holidays

dye sublimation printing

For those who offer sublimation, the holiday season is a perfect time to offer current and new customers some great sublimated gift suggestions that are sure to attract customers’ eyes deeply. If you’re out of ideas for what to suggest, we can just help.

Here are some recommend sublimated holiday gifts. 

Ornaments: A personalized ornament is a precious gift or keepsake that the recipient will treasure for years. Whether you’re commemorating baby’s first Christmas, or simply creating an ornament with a favorite family photo, personalized ornaments are a great way to add special memories to the family tree. Sublimated ceramic ornaments are also durable and full of color.

dye sublimation printing
 Pillows: Sublimated pillow is really a thoughtful gift for holidays. A soft and comfortable body, along with colorful images on, makes the pillow lovely and help you sleep with nice dreams.
 Pet Products: Some families would like to get pets a present at Christmas or some other holidays. Usually it’s a chewy bone or a new toy, but there’s no law that says the family pet also couldn’t get a new pet tag, or a personalized bowl. Pets are generally like small children, they’re more interested in ripping the paper on the package than they are in what’s inside.
 Jewelry/Keepsake Boxes: NO kids wouldn’t love a personalized keepsake box, particularly if it was filled with items like baseball cards or hair accessories. A personalized jewelry box is also a great way to gift a special piece of jewelry to that special someone. The box, along with the jewelry preserves the memory of the special occasion, and this will last forever with this sublimated gifts.
Kitchen Accessories: From cutting boards to coasters to drinkware of all types, accessories for the kitchen or entertaining are always popular gifts. Create a set of personalized coffee mugs. Make cuttings boards featuring popular local scenes. Create a set of coasters for the family room. The ideas for sublimated kitchen accessories are limitless.

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