Sublimation Print In Apparel & Textile(1)

Sublimation Print In Apparel & Textile(1)

dye sublimation printing

Sublimation Print in Apparel & Textile, printing process, types of sublimation, direct print, transfer print, application of sublimation print, comparison with screen print
The desire to create garments and other artefactsthat reflect the beauty of the world around us andprovide for the expression of our artistic nature hasbeen evident from early in human history. Thedecoration of the body presumably predates theproduction of clothing.

Textile printing is the mostversatile and important of the methods used forintroducing colour and design to textile fabrics.Considered analytically, it is a process of bringingtogether a design idea, one or more colorants, and atextile substrate (usually a fabric), using a techniquefor applying the colorants with some precision.Several techniques have been used and the colorantsavailable have multiplied, the latest and the mostpopular is sublimation print.

dye sublimation printingWe have learnt in Chemistry that an element orcompound normally has three states viz. solid, liquidand gaseous state and conversion from one state toanother   can   happen   by   applying   heat(solid>>liquid>>gaseous) or by removing heat(gaseous>>liquid>>solid).However, there arecertain elements where only two states exist viz.solid and gaseous. Thus in these elements, whenheat is applied, an element gets transformed intogaseous form without intermediary liquid form(solid>>gaseous). 

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