Sublimation Print In Apparel & Textile(2)

Sublimation Print In Apparel & Textile(2)

dye sublimation printing

The process of transformationis called "sublimation.” Dye sublimation printing usesabove property to transfer any image/artwork fromone surface to another. Popular uses are to transferimages on T-shirts. A dye which sublimates underpressure and heat is mixed with the inks.

Dye: To impregnate colour into a material.Many times this colour change is permanent.

Sublimation: A change directly from the solidto the gaseous state without becoming liquid.Polymer: Consisting of large molecules madeup of a linked series of repeated simplemolecules.

Dye sublimation: Solid dye particles arechanged into gas using heat and pressure, thenbond with any polymers present, and changeback into a solid. 

dye sublimation printing

Printing process

 In this printing technology, the print heads get heatedup while passing through the film; this forces thesolid dyes to get vaporised and diffused on the glossysurface of the printing media, which in turn creates agentle gradation for each pixel at their edges. 

The ribbon consists of three coloured panels (cyan,magenta, and yellow) and one empty panel to hold the lamination material that is used as over-coating. 

The whole printing cycle is repeated for four times where the first three cycles lay the colours onto themedia to form a complete image, while the last one to give a laminated top. This is to prevent dye fromre-sublimating when exposed to warm conditions. 

The dye particles that are usedfor this type of dye sublimationare designed to only bond withpolymers, so the higher thepolyester content in the materialthe more dye that will bond givinga brighter image.

 Sublimation dyes are permanentas they have become part of the fabric,  and  thus  give  theexcellent fastness properties.The only way that colour is goingto come out is possibly if fabricis kept in the sun for the next two or three years but then thematerial will probably sun rotbefore the dyes go away.

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