How to choose good quality sublimation ink 

How to choose good quality sublimation ink  

dye sublimation ink
High”color reduction”should be the first criterion that can judge the good quality of Sublimation ink, high quality sublimation ink ,could restore the original color more than 93% percent.
 The size of sublimation dye particle.The smaller the particle, the better the quality. If with big particles, the print head might be easy to be blocked, and printing result will be bad for sure.
 Pure color. For sublimation ink , a very big problem is that the black color is not black enough. If the color is not pure, no doubt it could not restore the original design to your substrate.But the Sublimation ink GETWIN offers is of pure color, and black color can meet your requirements well.

dye sublimation ink
The density of Sublimation ink.Now the majority of the clients are using the water-based sublimation ink. Some clients often complaint that after printing, the dye sublimation paper dries tooslowly. Actually the density of Sublimation ink can affect the drying time in some degree. Some clients buy the cheap sublimation ink (10-30 usd per liter), which the major component is water, not sublimation dye, which will surly contribute to slow drying time.
 The Sublimation ink offers can be compatible with various of printers and print head, mainly suitable for Epson DX4, DX5,DX6 and DX7 print head, Seiko GS508 head, Rioch Gen5 head and Kyocera KJ4B head and also Epson 5113 head etc.

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