Comparison Epson 5113 PrintHead And DX-5, DX-7 Printhead

Comparison Epson 5113 PrintHead And DX-5, DX-7 Printhead

dye sublimation paper

Copmpared with Dx5&Dx7 ,the advantage of Epson 5113 head as below:
1. numbers of nozzles:
Dx5&Dx7 get 8linesx180nozzles=1440nozzles,the smallest nozzle is 5PL.
5113 head get 4linesx800nozzles=3200nozzles.2.2times more than Dx5&Dx7.
2. width of print head:
the width of Epson 5113 head is 1.3" ,35% width than Dx5&dx7

dye sublimation paper
3. speed:
due to more nozzles,Epson 5113 head with 3pass the speed can reach 35square meters per hour.
Different from DX-5/7 head, 5113 print head is fast speed and price is cheaper than DX-5/7, meanwhile, due to more number of nozzles, 5113 print head can reach high production per hour, to some extent, High-intensity running may lead to short lifetime. maybe 1~2 years, i don't know very clearly how short, we should protect it, because many factors can damage your print head, such as sublimation ink, sublimation paper, printing environment etc

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