How to Store Dye Sublimation Ink.

How to Store Dye Sublimation Ink.

dye sublimation ink

We have four suggestions regarding the storage of Sublimation ink.

1. Do care about the Expiration Date

By no means can you use the Sublimation ink which is out of expiration. In addition to the expiration date, you should also avoid freezing. Water based inks cannot be stored in a freezer. Once frozen, the ink is defrosted and is no longer usable.

2.Avoid Sunlight

Water based dye sublimation ink is very prone to bacteria. Therefore, avoid sunlight and too much heat, with which bacteria will grow. 

3.Pack the inks into a Air Tight Container

All ink should be stored in an airtight container. Most inks should be shipped with a bottle that is safe to store. All containers also need to be stored flat. Avoid too much shaking or vigorous movement. Too much shaking may cause air bubbles, which can ruin your printing. But if the shaking is unavoidable, you can keep the inks alone overnight so that the bubbles will dissolve.

dye sublimation printing

4.Use Distilled Water to clean tools

Do remember to use distilled water to clean the filling cartridges, if it is available for you, in case of any bacteria caused by by tap water. And make sure the cartridge is fully dry so that you can fill in the Sublimation ink to avoid any bubbles.

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