What Need You To Be Aware Of When Printed A New T-shirt

What Need You To Be Aware Of When Printed A New T-shirt

dye sublimation printing

Now, sublimation printed shirts are famous on our daily life, someone like diy the shirts by themselves, because its so easy to do it, you can choose the image you like, also the cost are cheaper than buy from cloth shop.
If you diy a new T-shirt, what need you to be aware of?
1. The heat transfer paper printed T-shirt will become very soft after washing.

2. New printed T-shirts can't wash within 2 hours after printed, when wash turn the clothes back to back. Try not use the washing machine.

dye sublimation printing

3. Don't rub surface t-shirt by hand (patterned surface material not easy attached dust).

4. Don't wash with new printed shirts with detergent containing bleach. Wash with warm water or cold water below 40 degrees .

5. After washing, do not use the dryer drying the shirts, to dry naturally, do not wring clothes, don't put your T-shirt directly in the sun.

6. If the clothes need to be ironed, after drying can be used in middle temperature ironing (containing elastic fiber can't use high temperature ironing, avoid damage the tissue structure, effect the elastic fiber, do not ironing directly on the image. After ironing, don't put the clothes into a small space, need hanger or put flat, in order to keep the cloth smooth.

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