What Need You Know If You Want To Do The Sublimation Printing By Youself

What Need You Know If You Want To Do The Sublimation Printing By Youself

dye sublimation printing

First you need to know what is the sublimation transfer printing:
The Sublimation transfer paper use inkjet printer with sublimation heat transfer ink to print in the transfer paper in mirror way.When heat transfer equipment heat up to 220°C,the ink on the sublimation paper will penetrate in the substrate. It is new craft to transfer the colorful image into the substrate.For there is no film on the surface of substrate, the hand feeling and visual effect is better than the other methods of heat transfer.
dye sublimation printing
Second you need to notice:
Printers used:Normal inkjet printers, sublimation inkjet printer.Wide inkjet printers: Epson,Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki etc...Jumbo rolls Printer: MS-JP 4/7, Reggiani
Special sublimation ink:Must use sublimation ink(heat transfer ink), this kind of ink made of disperse dye inks, it will produce sublimation and substrates with dyeing after high temperature, good quality ink is no plug nozzle, the sublimation ink color is vivid, good stability.
Adjust appropriate heat pressing temperature and time:Heat transfer in the temperature range of about 180 ℃-230℃, time of about 20 to 30 seconds, you should try small sample printing before the formal mass transfer.

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