How To Use Sublimation Paper Transfer 100% Cotton Fabric

How To Use Sublimation Paper Transfer 100% Cotton Fabric

 dye sublimation printing

As we all know, sublimation transfer paper just can transfer the fabric under 30% cotton, so is there any way to transfer 100% cotton? Many company has do the testing want to solve this problem, can it come ture?
For sure, Our company have find a material which can help sublimation use on the 100% cotton. We called sublimation partner.I have arrange some picture to share how to use the sublimation paper transfer the 100% cotton, of course, need together with sublimation partner.

dye sublimation printing
1.Put the 100% T-shirt on the heat pressing, heating it before do the transfer

2.Put the sublimation partner on the t-shirt then heating, let the sublimation partner fuse to the T-shirt.

3.Put the sublimation paper with image on the area( where heating the sublimation partner) then heating again.

4.Okay, check the results, its amazing, transfer the image on the 100% cotton, with the high transfer rate, the colour looks brighting!

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