What Kind Heat Press Machine Will Be Suit For You.

What Kind Heat Press Machine Will Be Suit For You.

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As we all know, heat press plays an important role in the sublimation printing, how to choose the suitable heat press machine is a challenge for us. So today we will introduce some common use heat press to us.
The Heat press machine have three parameters: pressure, temperature and time. A good quality heat press machine depand on its pressure and temperature. The principle of heat press machine are very simple, the most critical component is the aluminum plate, aluminum plate quality is stable,the quality of the pressing machine will be okay.So if you want buy the heat press machine, the key is to check the press heating and pressure weather stable and uniform.

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Follow will introduce some common use heat press machine.
1.Manual Heat Press Machine(Pneumatic double stations heat press machine)This machine is suit for some personal store applications like mugs, T-shirts also the diy gifts, usually have 38*38cm, 40*x60cm. Because the manual force sometimes not uniform, if produce large quantities, the color consistency will be affected.
2.Pneumatic double stations heat press machine  It is adopted push-draw working table, labor saving for operation and fast printing. Heating plate used special precise winding tube technique, heating evenly. The working table surface was specially treated, can print sublimating heat transfer articles.This will be better for the full colour sublimated clothes.
3.Hydraulic Double Stations Heat Press MachineThis machine can heat transfer print color patterns and words painted with subliming ink and solvent ink on textile fabric such as cotton, hemp and chemical fiber. Floss and sparkle heat printing. And can be used for sublimation transfer printing, good-sized billboard and piece of garment transfer printing.
4.large format roller style heat press machineRoller heat transfer machine is used to print a design onto a garment, it represents the advantage of the speed and good effect in transfer printing. This kind machine will be better for the large format produce, like home textile, advertising banner.

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