How To Diy A Personality T-shirts For Thanks giving Day

How To Diy A Personality T-shirts For Thanks giving Day

dye sublimation paper

The Thanksgiving day is coming, are you ready your personality T-shirts? Today, i will share you the experience to diy a cool T-shirt for Thanksgiving  Day!

A)Printer setup. Recommend to select "Photos Quality Inkjet Paper" mode for satisfactory printing results. 

B)Print the wishful image onto the sublimation transfer paper, then leave it to dry for about 10 minutes. 

C)Cut out the image, leaving a narrow margin of 5 mm around the pattern edges.

dye sublimation paper


A)Preheat the heat press machine and set the recommended transfer temperature 165°C

B)Peel off the base paper from the printed coating, and the coating would remain as a film-like material.

C)Place the image coating in the textile, printed(image) side facing up. Put the isolation paper on the image, the glossy side facing down.

D)Transfer for 15-30 seconds, then remove the textile from machine, peel age isolation paper after cooled

A) It's best not to wash the textile in 24 hours after transferring.

B) Washing the textile in cold or 30-40°C,with transferred pattern inside out.

C) Do not wash with strongly alkaline detergents, and do not bleach. Avoid rubbing the transferred pattern when hand washing.

D).Do not wring. line dry in shade recommended.

E) Do not dry-clean.

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