Dye Sublimation Ink for Heat Transfer Printing

Dye Sublimation Ink for Heat Transfer Printing

dye sublimation ink

Transfer printing applications of disperse dyes, the sublimation temperature should be lower than the melting point of fiber macromolecules and the principle of not damaging the fabric strength, the polyester is more suitable processing temperature of 180-210 ℃. In this temperature range, the dye sublimation of the molecular weight of its varieties are between 230-270. There are three general classes of disperse dyes with molecular weights within this range.

dye sublimation ink
Fast dyeing disperse dyes: the temperature of about 180 ℃ will be able to sublimate hair color, temperature and then increase the color from the change, and the edge of the occurrence of osmosis.

Good disperse dyes: temperature in the range of 180-210 ℃ can sublimation hair color. Hair color curve flat. The effect of temperature on the dyeing is not, is the transfer printing is more suitable for disperse dyes.

Late dyeing disperse dyes: in the case of 180-210 ℃ dyes can not be a good sublimation, hair color. Such as raising the temperature, a good hair color can be obtained. Such dyes on the temperature dependence of the strong.

dye sublimation ink
According to the above, the dye suitable for transfer printing should have the following conditions:
(1) transfer printing dye must be below 210 ℃ fully sublimation, fixed on the fiber, and can get a good washing fastness and ironing fastness.
(2) transfer printing dye after heating can be fully sublimated into a gas-phase dye macromolecules, condensed in the fabric surface, and can spread to the fiber.
(3) transfer printing dye on the transfer of paper affinity is small, the affinity of the fabric to be large.
(4) Transfer printing dyes should have a bright, bright color.

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