How About Sublimation Paper on Elastic Fabric

How About Sublimation Paper on Elastic Fabric

100g sublimation paper

100gsm sticky sublimation paper is one type of high weight sublimation paper, the other difference is that it has a tacky field coating. The tacky field coating will be activated by heat. After the tacky field coating is activated, it will adhere to the textile very firmly, so after the transfer is finished and when you lift the press up, the paper will still firmly adhere to the textile, it prevents the paper and textile from moving, the ghosting will not occur.
100g sublimation paper
This kind 100gsm sticky Sublimation Transfer papers now exist for most textiles, including elastic fabrics used for making sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as  silk, linen, and wool.
About its features,  this Coated sublimation paperfor digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks. Enhanced tack-effect to work with a wide range of spandex textiles. Maximum reduction of textile shrinkage can be achieved. The leval of tack depends on the fabric in use. Prior testing is required.

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