The Detail When Use 90gsm New Generation Sublimation Paper

The Detail When Use 90gsm New Generation Sublimation Paper

90gsm sublimation paper

With the more and more inquiry for our new generation 90gsm sublimation paper, today we will share you some skills when use it. Printed sublimation paper needs to hold more than one hour, let it dry before you can go to the transfer, if the transfer went without drying, the paper moisture into steam at high temperatures will interfere with the transfer effect, make the finished media has mist, and wrong-color.
For roller presses, pre-press in turn should allow sublimation transfer paper to dry in order to increase its stiffness. May be the front paper and fabric cut down the time of transfer V-shaped let go in the middle, can also be used more than the cardboard transfer paper width guide the front end, making the whole format can be synchronized smoothly into the transfer unit to avoid Stayed pull crooked cause wrinkling when the transfer strip.
90gsm sublimation paper
Ghosting sometimes when the transfer is due to the pressure plate caused by lifting too fast adsorption, then the throttle should be adjusted so that the cylinder small flat heat transfer machine (or cylinder) to rise slower, avoiding excessive transfer of sublimation Printing paper is sucked up and falling cause secondary sublimation transfer ghosting. Avoid ghosting on the dye sublimation transfer paper can also be dipped in water to adhere to the four corners of the cloth transfer.

New generation of 90gsm sublimation papers, dry instant with very high ink absorption capacity, pushing well beyond the boundaries of ink drying. Especially designed to dry industrial dye sub inks of increased glycol content . If any interested pls feel free to contact us, free samples will send you soon!

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