Whats The Different Between Traditional Heat Transfer And Digital Sublimation Transfer

Whats The Different Between Traditional Heat Transfer And Digital Sublimation Transfer

dye sublimation paper

Sublimation is the portrait, landscape, text and other graphics using an inkjet printer equipped with a thermal transfer ink to be printed on the reverse manner mirror sublimation transfer paper, and then through the heat transfer device is heated to 230 ℃ so, dye-sublimation thermal transfer ink on sublimation paper will be vaporized form penetrate to the substrate, thereby color image is transferred onto dye sublimation paper realistically textiles, cups, plates, porcelain, metal and other materials on a new process.1. To use the special sublimation transfer ink, this ink made with disperse at will produce sublimation transfer temperature and stained with the substrate. Good quality dye sublimation ink should not plug the nozzle, color fidelity, good stability.
dye sublimation paper
2. Regulating the right to adjust the color density of color in the computer concentration, too much ink is not easy to avoid dry conditions, after the adjustment need to check the effect of heat transfer.
3. Adjust the right temperature and pressing time thermal transfer temperature range of about 180-230 ℃, time is about 10-30 seconds, the official batch before transfer should first try to determine the best process parameters small.When hot heat transfer surface required close contact with hot surfaces when the thermal transfer, sublimation transfer paper, close to the substrate surface is necessary, not a gap, there would be a transfer graphic blur.
4. The advantages of sublimation transfer colorful graphics, its effect can be comparable with the printing, sublimation transfer printing by sublimation thermal transfer ink is to penetrate the object at a high temperature after the formation of condensate, brightly colored images. So durable heat transfer products, the image will not fall off, cracking and fading.

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