What Can We Do with Low-Weight Sublimation Paper?

What Can We Do with Low-Weight Sublimation Paper?

 Many people think that low-weight sublimation transfer paper means poor quality. Actually speaking, this opinion is completely wrong. Sometimes, low-weight sublimation transfer paper can have a good performance. The common low weight sublimation paper include 45gsm, 50gsm, 57gsm, 70gsm, 75gsm. Then, how about the applications of low weight sublimation paper?

jumbo roll sublimation paper

1. Apparel

Nowadays, sublimation printing becomes more and more popular in garment industrial. Low weight sublimation paper can be used in many kinds of apparels:

- Lycra materials-cycling

- Polyamide- Swim & Surf wear

- 100% polyester (stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear

- Sports and functional textiles

2.  Home internal

   Sublimation paper is wide used in home internal, and we can often see them at home. For examples, curtains, window-blinds, cushions, table cloth, towel cleaner, etc.

3. Advertisement

Some advertisement will use the technology of sublimation printing, especially the outdoor advertisements. Flags, banners, and gaming tables are the typical examples.

4. Hard substrates

Different to ordinary printing, sublimation printing can print images to some hard substrates. The ceramics, metal plates, snowboards, mugs, woods all can be printed with the sublimation paper.

applications of sublimation paper 

With the development of sublimation printing, it is no wonder that this technology will be used in more files in the future.

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