Epson Surecolor F9200/F9280, You Deserve It !

Epson Surecolor F9200/F9280, You Deserve It !

  As the first printer with double nozzles of Epson, Epson SC F9200/F9280 not only have a higher speed (1,044 square feet per hour). Compared with the last generation, the whole system of F9200 has a great progress, and it can print with higher speed, higher quality and stronger stability.

    Epson F9200/F9280

     Now, let’s have a look of the F9200/F9280’s performance.

Maximum Paper Width:       64-inch 
Nozzle Configuration  1440 nozzles per Color with Variable Droplet Size 
 Printing Technology Advanced PrecisionCore TFP Print Head 
 Maximum Print Resolution  1440 x 720 dpi 
 Print Speed  High Quality (1440 x 720 dpi) 172 SFPH  
 Ink Type 

        Ink Supply System-chip                                             

 Minimum Ink Droplet Size 5.3 picoliters 
  System Requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 

2GHz CPU  

2GB RAM   





 Weight  288Kg 

    Epson F9200/F9280

   The success of you sublimation printing business is not only determined by the sublimation transfer paper or the sublimation ink, machine are also important. And this is also the most important resaon for people who choosing Epson Surecolor F9200/F9280, and it really can help you a lot.

    Epson F9200/F9280

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