What Are the Advantages of 90g Sublimation Paper?

What Are the Advantages of 90g Sublimation Paper?

   90g sublimation paper is very common in industrial sublimation printing, and more and more people choose this kind of paper for textiles or other productsprinting. Why we choose 90g sublimation paper and what advantage does it have?

90g sublimation paper

   90gsm sublimation paper is kind of paper with special coating, and it is produced for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks, especially suited for industrial printers(e.g. MS Italy, Mimaki TS500) or plotter-based printing.


1) Advantages

   a. Instant-dry with extra-high ink absorption capacity

   b. The outstanding efficiency

   c. Recommended for designs with dark, saturated colors or high ink loads.

90g sublimation paper


90g sublimation paper

2) Benefits:

   a. High transfer rate, superb color, high color reduction degree

   b. Dry quickly and good Anti-wrap resistance. Excellent Ink Release, absorbing ink speed quickly.

   c. Super transfer efficiency, up to 95%.it is significantly higher than similar products in the market.

   d. Uniform coating.  No wet cockling, flying print without wrinkly.

   e. Small deformation. Clear image and can be save for long times after printed.

   f. Suitable Printer: MS-JP/ Reggiani / DGI / D-gen these high speed inkjet printers.

3)Transfer paper operating instructions:

   a. Printing the picture, cut and peel the blank part off.

   b. Take the photo off slowly

   c. Put the photo on the cotton

   d. Place a grase proof paper onto the picture.

   e. Add a fabric on it.

   f. Set heat press machine at 165 degree for 25 seconds.

printing process of 90g sublimation paper

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