Why Choose Low-weight Sublimation Paper?

  Why We Choose the Light-weight Sublimation Paper for

Industrial High-speed Printing?

People in sublimation line all know that low-weight sublimation paper is more suitable for industrial high-speed printing machine. But do you know the reasons?

 low-weight sublimation paper

1. The Ink Loading

When we use the high speed printing machine, the color of the images will be very light if we use the heavy weight sublimation paper, because the speed is too high, the sublimation ink can’t fit well with the paper. But if you use the low weight sublimation paper, this problem can be solved.

sublimation ink load

2. The Cost

  People usually don’t have many requirements about quality when they use high speed printing machine. Use sublimation paper with low weight can help people save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial printing.

     Light-weight sublimation paper does not mean the low quality. Good low-weight sublimation paper not only has a competitive price, but also has many advantages:

  1) Ultra-fast ink absorption and drying

  2) Excellent runability and outstanding efficiency

  3) Enhanced color release and densities

    applications of sublimation paper 

     applications of sublimation paper 

There are still many other reasons why people choose light weight sublimation paper for industrial high speed sublimation printing, welcome to share with us.

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