How to Choose the Sublimation Paper with Correct Weight?

             How to Choose the Sublimation Paper with Correct Weight?

   Our customers often tell me that they are very interested in our sublimation paper, but once i asked them the weight of paper they want, just little of them can give me an exact answer. When you choose the sublimation transfer paper. the weight is an important indicator. I always tell my customers how to choose the right sublimation paper, now i want to tell more people who know nothing about this question.

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   1. The ink load

  Generally speaking, the higher the ink loading, the heavier gram the paper should be. When printing low ink load images, the image is not complicate and colorful , such as swimwear, you could choose low-weight sublimation paper.  When you are printing large area of deep color, like large area of black color, youd better choose the heavy weight sublimation paper.

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   2. The printing environment

  Have you ever wondered why different sublimation paper are popular in different countries. This is because the printing environment are different in different countries.

   When relative humidity is under 45%RH, you should choose the low-weight sublimation paper, because in a low humidity, the paper will shrink, leave the printing side arcing up. Meanwhile, the paper will absorb water during the printing, it makes the paper wrinkles worse.  

  When the humidity is higher than 70%RH (without dehumidifier in your printing room), the thicker paper 120gsm,140gsm work better than thinner paper. Because the paper will immediately absorb moisture in the air, cause the paper become softer and reduce the stiffness.

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    3. Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet

   Roll-to-roll operation of the inkjet printer allows for a certain amount of tension control. Although the different types and makes of printers vary considerably in this regard, as a general rule roll-to-roll printing results in better process control than roll-to-sheet, in which the paper web is cut off immediately after the printing heads. Additionally, when the printed paper is processed from the roll in a transfer calender, conditions are ideal for the use of a lightweight paper.

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   4. The printing speed

   We usually recommend low-weight sublimation paper to our customers who use the industrial high-speed printers. The papers for open substrates are designed to slow the water absorption in the paper structure. From this, a higher printing speed takes the cockling away from the danger zone under the printing heads.

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   If you have any questions about sublimation printing, welcome to contact us , and we'd like to give you our suggestions.

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