Notes of Dye Sublimation Process

                                                              Notes of Dye Sublimation Process

dye sublimation
    Dye sublimation processis defined to imitate an image from one basis to another or normally from paper to fabric. In the real meaning sublimation can be defined as it is the process in which solid melts and gets converted from solid to gaseous state. Further you can say that solid goes around the liquid state and gets converted directly to gas as you would see with dry ice. When the material is heated to 180 degree Celsius, then it causes the polyester fiber to bond with gaseous materials.

sublimation clthing
    Something which is very important to note is that the material like cotton cannot be used for this process due to their need of pores. Non-coated materials don't have such pores, due to this dye cannot be immersed and it will remain on top of the fabric. Once the bonding process is completed, you will not find the surface of the fabric raised. As digital printing logo and art is always the part of fabric painting.

sublimation clothes
    Approximately, Inkjet is suitable for fabric painting because inkjet sublimation printing is easily done on white fabric due to the transparency of ink. Ink will not collide with colors due to the white background. Most part of digital printing makes useful advertising banners.


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