What Is Sticky Sublimation Paper? When Should We Use It?

        What Is Sticky Sublimation Paper? When Should We Use It?

   When it comes to the sublimation transfer paper, many people only know the fast dry sublimation paper. But there is another kind of transfer paper called sticky sublimation paper (you can also call it tacky sublimation paper or adhesive sublimation paper). Today, we will have a brief introduction about this kind of paper.

    105gsm sticky sublimation paper

   1. What is sticky sublimation paper?

  Sticky sublimation paper is one type of sublimation paper, the difference is that it has a sticky coating. The sticky coating will be activated by heat. After the sticky coating is activated, it will adhere to the textile very firmly, so after the transfer is finished and when you lift the press up, the paper will still firmly adhere to the textile, it prevents the paper and textile from moving, the ghosting will not occur.

    sticky sublimation paper

   2. When should we use the sticky sublimation paper?

   When to use the sticky sublimation paper? It is mainly depends the fabric you use. The tacky paper is mostly used in stretch material such as lycra, polyester with spandex and so on. These stretch material has a elastic, it is much easier moving during the transfer. The common applications are the straitjacket, swimwear, cycling clothes.

sticky sublimation paper


sticky sublimation paper

  Only when you use the right paper, then you can get a good result of sublimation printing. If you have any other questions, welcome to contact us.


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