Have You Ever Tried Chinese Manufacture Sublimation Ink?

Have You Ever Tried Chinese Manufacture Sublimation Ink?

  When it comes the sublimation ink, people may think of many famous brand like Epson, J-teck, Kiian, Sensient and InkTec. Then have you ever tried the Chinese manufacture sublimation ink?

     Skyimage sublimation ink

  SKYIMAGE® sublimation ink is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, bright colors, wide gamut and has good transfer rate. Suitable for the plotters equipped with epson DX4,DX5 and DX7 printhead.Excellent fluency, no clogging no oblique spray, ink particles are evenly distributed and less than 0.3um.

    Skyimage sublimation ink


  1.Excellent fluency, no clogging no mis-inkjeting, ink particle size are evenly distributed and less than 300nm(<0.3um).

  2.Good stability, high dyeing rate, vivid color

  3.Directly printing, no hand-feeling, meeting the digital textile printing mass production

  4.Washing fastness 4-5 grade, dry rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, wet rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, light fastness 4-5 grade

    application of Skyimage sublimation ink

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