How to Solve the Common Problems in Mug’s Sublimation Printing?(1)

How to Solve the Common Problems in Mug’s Sublimation Printing?(1)

  Sublimation printing in the gift industrial is very common nowadays, and we can see many kinds of products, such as mugs, plates, pillows, phone cases and etc. Because sublimating these little gifts is very easy, and what you need are simple, more and more people start their business in sublimating gifts. But even the operation is easy, there still have many question for most people. Today, we will teach you how to solve the common problems in mugs’ sublimation printing.

   sublimation printing on mugs

  1. Pay attention to the time and temperature

  If you find that you can’t print the mugs well, i think you should check the time and temperature at the first time.Most mug presses will require different times and temperatures for pressing mugs (and water bottles, steins, etc.).

   sublimation printing on mugs

  2. The mugs turn to yellowish after printing

  If you’re just getting yellow shading on the mug, there’s a good chance you’re actually using inkjet ink, not sublimation ink (which is required to sublimate onto mugs).

   sublimation printing on mugs

  3. The image appears blurry

  If the image is blurry, there’s a chance you may be over-pressing the mug, meaning the sublimation ink is gassing out and spreading over more area than it should. You can also tell if you’re over-pressing the mug if the black colors appear brownish.  


  It is common to meet all kinds of difficulties, and it is not horrible at all. The horrible thing is that you don’t know how to overcome the difficulties. If you are headache about the problems i mentioned above, i hope it can be helpful for you.

   sublimation printing on mugs

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