What Kind of Fabric Can Be Called Light Colored Fabric?

What Kind of Fabric Can Be Called Light Colored Fabric?

  When people buying t-shirt paper, they will always tell people they are using the light colored fabric or dark colored fabric. But for beginners, it is really hard to distinguish the two fabrics clearly. Now here are the tips.

    t-shirt printing

  When you want to print to a white t-shirt, you should use the light t-shirt paper, right? The answer is no. It really is a case by case basis. You should also consider the type of image.

  1. All Black Images

  If your image only has black in it such as simple black text or simple line graphics, etc. It is likely to work on a darker colored shirt such as red and blue shirts. For most light transfer papers, you will still have to trim around your image to reduce the polymer background.

  2. Photographs/Graphics with solid, non-neutral colors such as reds, deep or dark blues, and greens.

  These images can be printed onto colored shirts like pink, beige, or light blue.  But keep in mind that there may be a bit of color distortion depending on the image and the shirt color.

  3. Photographs/Graphics with gradients, drop shadows, light or neutral colors such as grey, light blues, and some yellows.  

  These images should only be printed on white fabric only.  This is because colors will distort significantly due to the large amount of white used in the graphic. Wherever white is used (in gradients, drop shadows, and to produce light colors such light blue), the shirt color will show through and mix with the image.

    light t-shirt transfer paper

  If you use the light t-shirt paper, please remember that any white areas of any image will become the color of the shirt, as most laser and inkjet printers do not use white ink. If you want to print on the colored t-shirt and you are not sure which one is better, youd better choose the dark t-shirt paper instead of light paper.

    dark t-shirt transfer paper

  Now, do you know how to distinguish the light colored fabric and dark colored fabric?


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