How Does Heat Influence the Sublimation Printing Business?

How Does Heat Influence the Sublimation Printing Business?

  Generally speaking, there are too many factors can influence the sublimation printing result. Today we will discuss how does Heat influence the sublimation printing.

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  In transfer printing, we will use a equipment- heat press machine, and adjust the temperature of it can adjust the heat.

  Too much or too little heat are usually problematic and result in over pressing or under pressing of the substrate. Uneven heating on the press is also an issue and results in spottiness where parts of the substrate sublimate properly but other parts don’t. It is a good idea to invest in temperature strips or a thermal gun, both of which map out the temperature of the heat platen. If there are any inconsistencies or cold spots, it is best to call the manufacturer of the press.

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  Sometimes when the sublimation printing failed, we complain about the sublimation paper, the sublimation ink or even the inkjet printer, but have you ever wondered the problem of the heat. If haven’t, you can try to adjust it next time.

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