How to Choose the Right Printer for You?

How to Choose the Right Printer for You?

  An inkjet printer is an important part of sublimation printing, how to choose a suitable printer is headache for most of the people. Today, we will help you pick the correct printer from 4 aspects.


  1. Size of printing field

  Before buying the printer, you should know what you are going to print. If you want to sublimate the mugs or plates, then large format sublimation printer is useless for you. But if you want to print the fabric, the flag or other big things, the you’d better choose the large format printer.

    sublimation printing


    sublimation printing

  2. Number of ink color

  Under most occasions, people usually choose the printer with 4 colors. But if you are doing fine art and/or photographic work where subtle shades of color make a big difference,then the more colors, the better.


  3. The printing speed

  Printer can be divided into 2 types, the normal printer and high-speed printer, and the latter is usually applied to the industrial high-speed printing. So, if you are running a large business, you can choose the high speed printer like MS,Reggiani...

    high-speed prinnting

  4. The price

  Many people take the price into the first consideration. There is a good news that our Chinese manufacture inkjet printer- Oric inkjet printer, not only have a good quality, but also can meet your requirement of the price.

    Oric inkjet printer

  Finally i want to say, no matter what kind of sublimation printer you buy, please remember to maintain your printer regularly. No matter how well-built the printer is, if it goes unused for an extended period of time, the sublimation ink may start to dry out resulting in clogged print heads.





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