How Does Moisture Influence the Sublimation Printing Business?

How Does Moisture Influence the Sublimation Printing Business?

  Many people dont understand why the same sublimation paper has different performance in different areas.If you are experienced in sublimation printing business, you may understand the reasons.

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   As a sublimation paper supplier, when our customers want us to recommend a suitable paper for them, the first factor we consider is the printing environment, especially the moisture. Then, how does moisture influence the sublimation printing?

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  If everything checks out, moisture may play a role in spotty transfers. Moisture can warp flat items and can act as a barrier between the surface and the sublimation ink trying to penetrate it. This step is not always listed on the instructions, but it is good practice to pre-press items for 5-10 seconds at high heat and light-medium pressure to let moisture escape and flatten out the substrate. For warped items, such as MDF boards, pre-pressing both sides may be necessary.

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  In order to avoid the problems which lead by the moisture, we should also keep the sublimation paper and the sublimated materials keep dry.



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