The 7 Advantages of Sublimated Clothing by Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

                    The 7 Advantages of Sublimated Clothing by Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

    1. Application of Best Technology in the Sublimation Process of Printing - Unlike the usual process of printing where the paint / ink stays smeared on the surface of the fabric, the process of sublimation injects the paint to the very fiber of the fabric used for the concerned clothes. This is perhaps the best and the sturdiest process that mankind has witnessed in the world of clothing till today.
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2. Prints don't Fade with wash - This is one of those qualities of sublimated clothing that has been celebrated by the wearers of the same worldwide. Considering the nature of the process of sublimation, it is very difficult to wash off the print with a few odd hand or machine washes.

3. Prints don't run, crack or chip easily - Regular prints are seen to chip, crack or even run with wash or heavy perspiration which is commonly experienced in sports clothing. This is something that sublimation wear is nearly immune to.
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4. Can be applied in almost all materials - Be it natural fibers or artificial, sublimation process is applicable in all with nearly the same level of perfection. So, you can be sure to avail the marital of your choice without having to sacrifice on sublimations.

5. Applicable on fashion and Sports Clothing Equally - While these prints have made their mark in the world of sports clothing, the world of fashion is also making the best of sublimations. In fact, more and more people enlightened about these prints are seeking these over the regular ones.

6. Almost all forms of Clothes and Accessories can be sublimated - Be it T shirts or jackets, pants or caps, there is nothing that is outside the purview of sublimation. In fact, accessories like a range of bags are also available in sublimated prints.

7. True Value for Money - With its durability, longevity, style and visual aesthetics, sublimated clothing offers true value for money. Buyers are usually not seen wincing at spending a few dollars more for these options as compared with their ordinary printed counterparts. However, discounts and offers that are made available through quality wholesale providers have worked its wonders in making the costs even more affordable for bulk and individual buyers alike.

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