Various of Applications for Sublimated Mugs, How Many Do You Know?

  Various of Applications for Sublimated Mugs, How Many Do You Know?

   Printing on the mugs is an important application of sublimation printing, and there are too many people doing this business. But have you ever wondered how to use these personalized mugs? We can give you some suggestions.


   1. For drinking

   Mugs are perfect for coffee, tea, water, juice and even food items such as cereal or yogurt when a bowl is not available. Add some fun quotes, photographs and graphics to make it your own!

    sublimation printing on mugs

   2. As a gift

   In China, if your lover send people a mug, it means he or she want to be with you forever. If you want to send some personal gift to people, then sublimated mugs are a good choice. You can sublimated peoples name or photo on the mugs, i believe it means a lot to them, and it is simple but thoughtful.

    sublimation printing on mugs

   3. As a holder

   You can use your mug as a holder for flowers, pens, home goods, etc. Trust me, it can be a good decoration for your house.

    sublimation printing on mugs

   4. Commemorate an event

   Highlight an event or a moment with a special keepsake.  Add an extra spin to birthdays, weddings, graduation and more by personalizing mugs that can be taken home and serve as a reminder of the good times!

    sublimation printing on mugs

   Do you have any other wonderful idea about how to use the sublimated mugs. Just buy one home and have a try.  




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