Do You Want to Print on All Kinds of Fabric Directly with an Inkjet Printer?

Do You Want to Print on All Kinds of Fabric Directly with an Inkjet Printer?

  Last time, we have discussed the Oric FP-series direct sublimation printer. But this series are designed for polyester, especially suitable for flag and banner printing. Today, we will introduce another kind of direct textile printer, which can be used for most of the textiles.


  This printer has 2 types: HT180-E2 and HT180-E4. For HT180-E2, it is equipped with 2 DX5 print heads. And for HT180-E4, it has 4 DX5 print heads. Here are the details of this printer.

    Oric HT180-E2/E4 printer

    Specifications:                                                                                 Oric HT180-E2/E4 printer


    1. Widespread applications 

    Using the latest colour control and management system. Acid ink can be used to print on silk and chinlon, while active ink can be used for cotton. At the same time, paint and dispersive fuel can be used to print on terylene and synthetc fiber.

    2. High-speed production-level printhead 

    With 360 nozzles per colour jetting at the same time, and each printing machine is equipped with a 1-inch high-precision nozzle.

    3. High-speed data processing and transmission 

    Ethernet 100 BASE-TX and bi-directional parallel interface transmission, the two data transmission modes are simple and efficient.

    4. Adopt professional RIP 

    RIP and printing output processing simutaniously can be achieved, which greatly improved the production efficiency. It is compatible with postscript language, photoshop, coreldraw, llustrator and Freehand. Supporting TIF, JPEG, EPS, PS, PDF, DCS2.0 and other file formats.

    5. Professional channel control technology 

    Can bring each channel under control, and ensure colour consistency of digital printing and flat screen, round screen printing.

     Oric HT180-E2 printer


      applications of Oric HT180-E2/E4 printer





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