What Should You Do When You Sublimation Paper Crimped?

What Should You Do When You Sublimation Paper Crimped?

  During the sublimation printing process, one of the most headache problem is that the crimping of transfer paper. Crimping is mainly rub print head, effect the useful life of print head, and also is not convenience to cut the paper.What should we do when this problem occurs?

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  First, we should know the reasons.Here are the main reasons for this problem.

  1)The humidity of the paper too high or too low.

  2)Air drying digital image color too deep.

  3)No coating at the back of paper

  4)The widest the paper is the easiest to crimp.

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  We usually tell our customers some little tips to solve this problem.

  First, make sure that the humidity of the printing environment keep 60% or higher. Appropriate humidity level can make the paper absorb enough water, and hard to crimp. Or you can open the packing bag of the paper, and put the paper in an place where with high humidity over 2 hours.

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  Second, you can make 2 tablettings, and stick them to the both sides of paper when printing. If you are interested in this way, welcome to contact us, and we will make a short video for you.

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  Hope this article can help you if you are suffer this problem in sublimation printing.


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