The Development of Sublimation Printing

The Development of Sublimation Printing

  We have to say, the development of sublimation printing is quickly. At the beginning, we just use this technology on polyester textiles. But now, people have applied it to more files. Today, we will discuss the development of sublimation printing through it’s applications.

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  1. Products

  With the popularity of sublimation on the rise, manufacturers have risen to the task of developing new sublimation-friendly supplies. Not only 100% polyester shirts, the sublimation printing products include: Neck ties, aprons, magnets, ornaments, decorative plaques, lighters, picture frames, ID tags, flags, banners, key fobs, and a host of other items--all treated or manufactured to accept sublimation.

  applications of sublimation paper

  2. Industrial use

  Sublimation has been used on an industrial scale for some time now, mainly for the decoration of bulk fabric to be sewn into clothing, tablecloths, curtains and bed linens. The ability of sublimation to print complex multicolor designs easily and cheaply has made it a preferred fabric-decorating method for specialty designs and products in instances in which large quantities (and the associated high printing costs) are not desired.

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  3. Sales and Marketing Ideas

  While sublimation printers are limited to products, the ways to market and sell are limited only by the printer's imagination. Fundraisers, events, corporate gifts, premiums and incentives, mall kiosks, carnival, fair and flea market booths, Internet and mail order, and adding-on to an existing business are a few of the successful outlets for printers. Customers include schools, sport teams, general businesses, museums, restaurants, hospitals and almost any other concern where users would appreciate or benefit from personalized items.

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  Just use your imagination, many you can find a new business with our sublimation paper.




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