When You Pick Up Your Sublimation Paper, Which Side to Print?

When You Pick Up Your Sublimation Paper, Which Side to Print?

  For many people who are not experienced in sublimation printing, they always have no idea about how to distinguish the right printing side of the sublimation paper. Today, we will tell you some little tips.

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   As we all know, most factories won’t coat both sides of the paper, so there must be a wrong side for printing. If you print on the wrong side, then the result must be very bad. Then how to distinguish it?

   First, if you buy the roll sublimation paper, then it is easy to know which side to print, because the outside is the printing side in the roll paper. After you receive the roll paper, you only need to install the paper into your inkjet printer as usual, and then start your work.

    roll sublimation paper

   Printing on the wrong side happens a lot in sheet sublimation paper. There are 3 tips:

     sheet sublimation paper

   1. Fell the paper, the printing side will be more smooth than the other side.

   2. Wet your thumb and forefinger and pressing paper into one of its ends, the right side to sublimate it will be stick more firmly to the finger and this is because it is the side containing the polymer layer that makes it ideal for sublimated.

   3. Nowadays, in order to make the unti-curl sublimation paper, we will have a back coating. If you buy this kind of paper, you will find the color in both sides are different. You can ask your supplier which side is correct.

    sublimation printing

    Now, can you print on the right side of the sublimation paper?



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