When Will Use Need Sticky Paper

When Will Us Need Sticky Paper?

   Last time, we have discussed what is sticky sublimation paper. Now, let’s talk about when to use it.

    sticky sublimation paper

   As we all know, one reason lead to ghosting is is lifting the press up too fast, image drops back down. When we lift the press up, it creates some vacuum, and drop the image back down, when that happens, it shifts the media, causing the ink to transfer to another areas. But if you use the calendar, rotary heat press (roll to roll), this type of heat press is doing roll sublimation paper to roll textile transfer, the whole process is automatically, you only need to set up the sublimation paper and textile at the beginning , and then leave it alone to do the sublimation transfer. Under this condition, normal sublimation paper could do the job very well, tacky sublimation paper is unnecessary even though the textile has elastic.

    flat heat press machine

  So, if you want to use the sticky sublimation paper, you should meet 2 requirements: 1.The heat press machine you use should be the the flat heat press machine; 2. The fabric you use should be stretch material, or it is easy to move.

    applications of sticky sublimation paper

    applications of sticky sublimation paper

  Now, do you have a further knowledge of sticky sublimation paper? Welcome to contact us if you want it.




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