High Quality Factory Price Sublimation Transfer Paper,High Transfer Rate

                         High Quality Factory Price Sublimation Transfer Paper,High Transfer Rate

sublimation paper roll
    1) 100% waterproof, instant dry, up to 5760 dpi, perfect color perspective and expression;
    2) Suitable for sublimation inkonly;
    4) Printing on Textile Fabrics and Polyester
    5) This paper has a special finish on the surface so the ink do not soak into the paper. After you print the Transfer Paper it is then placed on the product to be applied with a heat press.
    5) OEM orders welcome.
     Using sublimation ink to print the pictures on the sublimation paper, then put it into clame press machine or mug press machine to transfer. It can be used for light color chemical fiber T-shirt, Jigsaw puzzle, mouse pad, pillow cover, metal keychain, mugs, plates and so on. The patterns after being heat transfer are colorful and reality.

sticky sulbimation paper roll
       Apply the transfer paper to a color inkjet printer.Recommend to select "Photo Quality Inkjet Paper" mode in the "Printer Media Type Setting" for satisfactory printing results.
       Miror the image and print the image onto the transfer paper, and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes before transferring.

         Preheat the heat press machine, and set the recommended transfer temperature to 200-220°C.
         Place the imaged coating onto the textile with the printed (image) side facing downwards.
         Transfer for 15-30 seconds and then remove the textile, peel the protective paper.
         After transferring, it's best not to wash the textile in 24 hours.
         Wash the textile in 30-40°C water or cold water, with the transferred pattern inside out.
          Do not wash with strong alkaline detergents, and no bleach.Avoid rubbing the transferred pattern too hard.
          Do not wring.Line dry in shade recommended.
          Do not dry-clean.

super fast dry sublimation paper

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