Little Tips for Sublimation Printing

Little Tips for Sublimation Printing

  If you are doing sublimation printing business, you will know that there are all kinds of things can be happened during the whole printing process,and the maybe lead by sublimation paper, sublimation ink or something else. We cant help you solve all the problems, but can give you some little tips to make avoid some problems.

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  1. Train yourself regularly

  Dont be afraid to experiment, but avoid testing new ideas using customersmoney. By testing, you will find out many problems before your customers feedback.

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  2. Try to receive the large volume orders

  This is not only for profits, large volume orders can also help you know where you should be improved. After all, there is no one wants to do little business all the time.

    sublimation printing

  3. Keep track of your previous print jobs

  As a vendor who provides excellent quality of print jobs for high-end clientele, you would be challenged by many orders where slight customization and precise adjustments are required. Keeping a record of such paint jobs will help you immensely in tackling future orders which might also require your focus and problem solving skills. With time your skills and management would eventually reach that of a master.

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  There are still many other tips. If you have, welcome to share with me.





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