How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Paper You Buy (2)?

How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Paper You Buy (2)?

   We have discussed some indicators to judge the quality of your sublimation paper, such as transfer rate, ink compatibility and drying speed. Now, let’s talk about another 4 indicators.

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   1. The degree of warping

  Unti-curl is always a quality of good sublimation paper. The sublimation transfer paper is a coated paper , the expansion rate of the coating surface and back paper inconsistency under dry and high temperature , will cause one side warping . If the paper becomes warped , first , the printer can not feed the paper. Second , will cause the transfer failure , its also a waste of money.

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    2. The wrinkling of the printing surface

   You will find that the printing surface of some paper are wrinkling. This is very dangerous for the print heads, because there will be a frictions between the wrinkling part and the print head.

    3. The dirty spot on the paper

    Some base paper will have some dirty spots on the surface, and sometimes it can’t be covered by the coating, it will harm the pure color printing , but for colorful picture printing , theres no influence .

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    4. The stability of the quality .

   The quality of the paper is closely related with our user’s sublimation ink , printing date setting and the transfer machines parameter setting . The quality fluctuation will force our users to following the adjustment at the same time , such as he need to adjust the original color data , printing data etc.


  Now we have give you all the little tips we have. When you want to buy the sublimation paper, you can have a try. I believe it will be beneficial for your sublimation printing business. 





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