How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Paper You Buy (1) ?

How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Paper You Buy (1) ?

  Sublimation transfer paper, the essential part of sublimation printing. During the whole printing process, the quality of the paper can determine the final result to some extent. But when you pick up the sublimation paper you buy, do you know to to judge it’s quality? Here are some tip.

   sublimation transfer paper

  1. The transfer rate

  Transfer rate is an important indicator to judge the sublimation paper. The higher transfer rate can not only make the images more bright and clear, but also help you save the ink. As we all know, no matter what kind of sublimation ink we use, it is all not cheap.

   sublimation transfer paper

  2. Ink compatibility.

  There are all kinds of sublimation ink in the market. If the sublimation paper can’t adapt to your ink well, you have to buy other inks, it will cost a lot. So, a good quality sublimation paper should as much as possible to adapt to a variety of transfer ink .   

   sublimation printing

  3. The drying speed

  As we all know, sublimation ink are always water-based, it means that the paper will get wet when printing. Theres no doubt that a high drying speed will make the user to use the paper more easier , and can facilitate continuous printing to enhance the speed of delivery.

  We still have another 4 tips. Please click:

  How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Paper You Buy?(2)





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