Why You Sublimation Paper Can’t Dry Fast (1)?

Why You Sublimation Paper Cant Dry Fast (1)?

  The drying speed is an important indicator to judge the quality of sublimation paper. Although sublimation drying problem has already been solved with the development of the technology, but people still meet some problems.

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  Today, we will talk about the factors which lead to the sublimation drying problems.

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  The inappropriate operation is the first factor. The drying time is related with the printing temperature and the relative humidity, normally the recommended printing temperature is 25℃  (77) . And relative humidity is 53%.

  If the temperature is to low, we cant provide enough heat to make the paper dry fast. At the same time, if the humidity is too high, there are too much moisture in the air, the paper also hard to dry fast.

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  For this problem, one extra heat drier or dehumidifier will help you solve the problem very easily. And if you have bought an inkjet printer recently, you will find that most new printers are equipped with a build-in drier.

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