Why You Sublimation Paper Can’t Dry Fast (2)?

 Why You Sublimation Paper Cant Dry Fast (2)?

  Last time, we have said that the inappropriate operation will lead to the sublimation drying problem. Now, let’s talk about other reasons.

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  Sometimes the ink problems can also lead to the sublimation drying problems. Generally speaking, better inks usually contain more dye and less water. If the sublimation ink you buy has a poor quality, then there will exit too much moisture on the paper after printing, and of course it will be hard to dry.

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  Sublimation paper is another factor lead to dry problem. Sometimes people will find that the paper are very hard to dry. Then you have to check whether the paper you buy is fast dry sublimation paper or not. For example, the sticky paper will dry slower than normal paper. So, you can have a test before purchasing.

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  If you have met any other problems in sublimation printing, welcome to share with us, and we are glad to help you find out the reasons.


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