Different Ways to Print Your T-shirt

Different Ways to Print Your T-shirt

  Many people are doing t-shirt printing business now. But some of them have no idea about which kind of printing methods they need choose. Here are some common types of t-shirt printing.

  1. Sublimation printing

  Sublimation printing is a common way to use for t-shirt, and according to the fabric you use, the transfer paper can be divided into sublimation transfer paper and t-shirt paper, but they both use sublimation ink.

  The sublimation paper can transfer image to the fabric clearly. But it cant be used for 100% cotton. If you want to print on the 100% cotton fabric, then youd better choose the t-shirt transfer paper.

    sublimation printing

  2. Transfer printing with PU

  This method is similar with the sublimation printing, but you need the eco-solvent ink. You can print the high accuracy and colorful images with PU printing, but the disadvantage is that the printed places will be airtight.

   T-shirt printing with PU

  3. Direct to garment printing

   DTG becomes more and more common nowadays. For this kind of methods, the fabric is soft after printing, and the image is colorful, but is is not as clear as other printing methods. Besides, DTG needs the pigment ink, so it will cost a lot.


   4. Other printing methods

  Screen printing and offset printing are also popular in t-shirt printing. For screen printing, it use the oil ink and has high accuracy, but the cost is also high, and you cant print many different colors at the same time.

  For offset printing, it use the offset ink, and the disadvantage is that the printed places will be airtight.

    screen printing

  Which one do you prefer? 

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