The Common Problems in Mug’s Sublimation Printing

The Common Problems in Mug’s Sublimation Printing

  Sublimated mugs are common see all over the world, and people usually like to customized the mugs as gifts. If you are doing mugs’ sublimation printing, you may have met many problems. Here is a list, you can have a check.

    sublimated mugs

  1. The yellowish shading

  If you find your mugs are turn to yellowish, then you should check whether you use the inkjet ink or sublimation ink. If you use the inkjet ink, then the images will turn to yellowish.

  2. Time and temperature

  The pressing time and temperature is important when making a sublimated mugs.

    sublimated mugs

  3. Blurry images

  If you find that the images you printed on the mugs are blurry. Theres a chance you may be over-pressing the mug, meaning the ink is gassing out and spreading over more area than it should. You can also tell if youre over-pressing the mug if the black colors appear brownish.

  4.The black colors turn to greenish

  If the black colors in your image appear greenish after pressing, it usually means youre under-pressing the mug.

  5. The image quality is poor

  If the image quality is poor after printing, you can check the actual image quality. Sometimes if you don’t use the right software, the actual image quality will be poor, so the printed images will be poor of course. We suggest a DPI of 300 for sublimation printing.

    sublimated mugs

 I do hope you can have a further and better development in mugs’ sublimation printing.




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