The Popular Industry and Consumer Response to Sublimation Printing

                       The Popular Industry and Consumer Response to Sublimation Printing ?
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     There was a huge sublimation trend in the fashion industry a few years ago. Pre-constructed garments were sent through the heat press machine, which resulted in a wrinkle effect that was very popular. Buyers for stores today do not seem to want this effect any longer. In fact, when you tell a buyer that a garment is sublimated, [he or she] often pictures the wrinkle effect. rather than seeing sublimation as a printing techniqu, sublimation can be used in a wide variety of ways and can produce many different effects. The challenge for fashion lines that do sublimation printing is utilizing the process in different ways, in order to shed a somewhat negative image.
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     One way is by doing panel printing rather than printing on the constructed garment. Essentially this means that the fabric is printed on before it is sewn into a garment, which eliminates the wrinkle effect because it can go through the heat press completely flat and allows a more deliberate placement of the graphic or print.
     The fashion realm is filled with technique and technology, such as sublimation, which can extend possibilities to other creative formats. Whatever the medium, experimentation and awareness of the flexibilities of a process can be of great benefit when new is needed.

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