How to Use T-shirt Transfer Paper Correctly (2)?

How to Use T-shirt Transfer Paper Correctly (2)?

  When using t-shirt transfer paper, there are too many common mistakes we will make. Last time, we have discussed 5 mistakes we usually made during the sublimation printing process. Now, we will talk about other mistakes.

    t-shirt printing

   1. Remember to give enough pressure.

  Heat press is a key process of sublimation printing, which can provide pressure and then make it work effectively. If you cant provide enough pressure, the images will be hard to be transferred to the fabric tightly.

   2. Make sure you have ironed on every part of the image

   Leaving small parts of the image un-ironed is a common mistake particularly on irregular or large images. You must make sure that every corner of the image has been ironed.

   3. Remember to fix the image

   If you have used t-shirt paper, you must know that each t-shirt paper has a

backing paper, and you must move it away after printing. During this process, remember to fix the image. And the instruction of t-shirt paper will tell you how to do it.

   4. Dont keep the iron still.

   The problem with irons nowadays is that most irons have indentations on the bottom for steam to pass. If you dont keep the iron moving while youre fixing your transfer, there will be parts of your image which arent stuck down.

   5. Dont wash the t-shirt at once

  Once you printed successfully, remember dont wash the t-shirt at once, because the image has not fully set. We generally suggest you wash the t-shirt after 24 hours.

   6. Choose the right t-shirt paper

  If you want to print on the 100% cotton t-shirt in light color, you should choose the light t-shirt paper. And if you want to print on dark t-shirt, you choose choose dark t-shirt paper.

    light t-shirt paper


    Dark t-shirt paper

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