Why We Say You Should Buy a Large Format Inkjet Printer?

Why We Say You Should Buy a Large Format Inkjet Printer?

  With the development of sublimation printing technology, inkjet printer are more and more popular all over the world. There are many kinds of inkjet printer in the market, the small format printers and large format printers. According to some surveys, people use small format printer are much more than the people who use large format printer. But we believe, the large format printer will have a further development in the near future.

    large format inkjet printer

   1. The costs

   Many people think the large format printer is expensive, and you have to equip a large format heat press machine at the same time. That’s completely wrong. Some large format printers are cheaper and cheaper now, and it is not necessary to buy a large heat press machine sometimes.

   2. The printing speed

   Large format printer usually have a higher printing speed, it means you can have a stronger productivity, and you can gain more profits.

    sublimation printing

   3. The operation

   Many people think large format printers are hard to operate, but it is just for the first glance. In order to keep competitive, manufactures are trying their best to produce easy-operation machine, so you can learn to use them quickly.

   4. The market (or applications)

   We have to admit that compared with small printer, large format printer can be applied to more files. It can not only print the small items, but also the large items.

    applications of sublimation printing

  I believe in the near future, the large format printer will make up the large majority of the market of sublimation printing.


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