When Will You Need the Sticky Paper?

When Will You Need the Sticky Paper?

  Sticky sublimation paper is a kind a sublimation paper which has a sticky coating on the surface. It can help you stick the paper onto the products tightly. But many people don’t know whether they need the sticky paper or not.

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  Actually speaking, if you know that you will want to work quickly and accurately without worrying about ruined products, tacky sublimation paper may be right for you. Some people prefer the ease of movement that comes with the non-tacky paper, so it may take some trial and error on your part to decide which kind will best fit your needs. You also need to take your inkjet printer into consideration. Right now, tacky paper is only available in rolls, so if your printer is small enough that it only takes sheets, without upgrading equipment it is not likely that tacky paper will work for you. While some people have tried cutting up the sheets, most have found it difficult to store, as they stick to each other when stacked.

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  If you are doing sublimation printing business, i hope this article can be helpful for you.


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