How to Reset an Epson Cartridge Chip with It’s Reset Tool?

How to Reset an Epson Cartridge Chip with Its Reset Tool?

  For Epson printer, one of the most headache problem is the chip. The ink chip need to be changed once you run out the sublimation ink (unless you use the permanent chip). Now, lets talk about how to reset the Epson cartridge chip with the reset tool.

    Epson ink chip

   Step 1: Take the ink cartridge away from the Epson printer.

   Step 2:  Aligning the cartridge and the marks at the base of the reset tool.

    Epson ink chip

  Step 3: Press the reset tool pins firmly against the chip contacts on the cartridge for several seconds. A blinking red light will indicate that there is solid contact between the cartridge and the device.

  Step 4: Keep the tool pressed against the cartridge until the green LED on the tool illuminates and begins to blink. This will indicate that the cartridge has been reset.

    Epson ink chip

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