How to Unclog Your Print Heads?

How to Unclog Your Print Heads?

   A clogged print head can lead to many troubles when sublimation printing. So, once you find that your clogged print head has influenced the normal work,  youd better try to clean it.Here are some common ways to clean it, you can choose a suitable one for yourself.

    DX5 print heads


   1. Clean it with water

   For sublimation ink manufacture, the ink must be able to dissolve in the medium in which it is made. So many ink manufactures also produce cleaning solution. But generally speaking, the water performs as well as cleaning solution.

   You can use water to dissolve or soften the blockage. Sit the print head in a bowl of water for few hours. Most print heads can be submerged underwater as long as you dry up the contact points before inserting back in the printer.


   2. Increase the temperature

 Since different substances are made from different atoms, increased temperature will affect their dissolving to different extents.herefore, you should use hot water when you soak the print head.  The temperature can be somewhere between 90 °F - 120 °F.  

   3. Try to push the ink out

   Drill a hole on the cartridge and use syringe to push ink downward, then wash the print head under hot running water.

   Video: How to Clean Your Epson Print Head? 

    Epson print heads


   4. The machine

   If you think manual cleaning is too troublesome, you can invest a machine to help you. For example, you can buy a steaming machine, it will increases the temperature and the steam which can keep printer head moisturized. Or you can buy a ultrasonic cleaner like the one used in cleaning jewelry or medical equipment, it will help you clean your print heads quickly.


   Try to clean your print heads frequently, it is beneficial for your sublimation printing business.





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