The Brief Introductions of Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper


                                             The Brief Introductions of Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

large format sublimation paper
     Heat transfer papers come in many different types. Some are designed for home use with an iron and others are meant to be used by professional garment printers and require particular equipment.

     Transfer papers require the artwork to be printed in reverse. This is due to the mirroring effect when you lay the transfer paper down with the printed side facing the shirt. If you were to print it normally and place the printed side down onto the shirt the design would be backwards. Sublimation heat transfer papers will be made for inkjet printers and it's  hot peel. This simply means that the backing will be peeled while hot.
sublimation paper roll style
     You can use an iron with many consumer grade heat transfers and achieve good results. Use the highest heat settings and press firmly down on the iron as you move it around. Heat it well and uniform while keeping good pressure on the iron.
sublimation ink on transfer paper Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper
     If you are able to use a heat press it will improve the result of sublimation heat transfer paper greatly. Instant, uniform, consistent heat applied with the pressure of the heat press will work best. The heat press will be able to maintain high heat settings of 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit while pushing the transfer into the knit of the garment fabric. You can produce some really nice quality garments with a heat press using transfers.

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